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Mom's Roadmap to Guide Your Teen Away from Substance Use and Addiction

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Is Your Child Suffering From
Substance Abuse?

  • It feels like nobody understands what you are going through

  • You're desperately looking for solutions

  • You're struggling to get help for your child and yourself

  • Your last attempt to help your child stop flopped

  • You’re losing sleep and frustrated feeling like your hands are tied 

  • Losing time and energy afraid you are enabling your child

If so, we can help you. We have been helping parents and adolescents deal with substance abuse for years and can help you and your child get on the path to healing with evidence-based strategies and resources.


What lives we touched
to say about us

"Reading 'Mom, Help Me!' was a game changer for me and my teenage daughter. We've grown so much closer since applying the advice and techniques shared in this book. Highly recommended for any parent navigating the often turbulent teenage years!"

Samantha Jenkins, mother of two, Atlanta, GA


Nevriye Amanda Yesil

Nevriye holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota, and for many years counseled and helped incarcerated women and people in her community who were dealing with drug addiction. 

Now she teaches mothers in workshops as well as offers courses both online and in-person around the world.

In addition, she teaches high performance skills and covers topics like stress, anxiety, trauma, and anger. Nevriye has written two books, Knack dein Gehirn fur deinen Erfolg and Drogen haben kurze Beine, both published in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. A third book on substance use will be coming out in America in 2023.

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Because of Tony Robbins, I realized the power we each have to impact lives through contribution. His wisdom taught me that true fulfillment comes when we lift up others. I'm forever grateful to Tony for inspiring me to find my own way to make a difference. It is a gift I will pay forward, as together we can transform and save lives

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Unlock Your Mom Super Power

"Let us help you guide your teen towards a healthier, happier life free from addiction..."


Roadmap to Guiding Your Teen Away from Substance Abuse
Take control of your situation and help yourself and your teen

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Transforming teens into unstoppable leaders through dynamic, empowering weekly coaching.

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assist you?

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Roadmap to Guiding Your Teen Away from Substance Use & Addiction


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